Make it your home or as an investment. Explore the wonderful options we have to offer.

Make it your primary home or vacation home – Have the Country club home without the high price tag.

Make it your home while you are in the Philippines and have it leased out while you are abroad. – it is a perfect income generating opportunity for those who want to make their money earn without the hassle. Where our Property Management team can take care of your property’s rentals and maintenance while you are abroad.

We are introducing an exceptional concept which will allow you to earn an attractive Return on Investment


Why Riviera Villas is an excellent investment opportunity – THRIVING PHILIPPINE TOURISM

In the next four decades, the Philippines is positioned to lead the Asian economies. With its forecast to belong in the top 20 largest economies in the world.


The country’s demand in the hotel and leisure industry is in a remarkable level and is gauged by the rising occupancy rates. It is forecasted that in the next decade, with continuous rise in occupancy rates but the supply of hotels falls behind, there will be a foreseen shortage.


With the booming economy in the Philippines and rapid increases in disposable income but with only limited vacation time, leads to a high demand of accessible retreat getaways.


With Metro Tagaytay’s strategic location of just being 45 minutes away from Makati – Metro Manila, it has been a favored getaway of those living in Metro Manila and also a tourist destination.


Metro Tagaytay boasts of its all year round cool climate and serene sceneries. It is a favorite getaway and retreat for the modern day city dwellers, given its proximity from Metro Manila. Through the years, it has become a hub to growing investments in the Philippines.


It has become a glittering spot for real estate developments in the Philippines – specialty restaurants, boutique hotels, spas, wellness centers and residential communities.


While there are other key destinations in the other regions of the Philippines, Metro Tagaytay banks on its close proximity and accessibility to the prime business and commercial establishments in the country gives it the frontier in prime real estate investment.


Riviera Villas’ location is an edge in this growing market of serviced residences. It is an exclusive enclave inside the Riviera Golf & Country Club – a main tourist golf destination and has hosted numerous local and international golf tournaments. It also boasts of its Sports Club facilities and generous spaces for outdoor activities. However, there are no overnight accommodation in the area. With the advent of Riviera Villas, local tourists and international tourists now have the chance to explore and enjoy the unique leisure and lifestyle Riviera Villas has to offer.




In Riviera Villas, you own the house and lot. It is designed to provide to a range of owners and investors. Depending on your usage requirements and desired returns, we offer flexible revenue sharing options to suit your lifestyle needs. Our goal is to optimize your property earnings with good income and profit levels paid out on a quarterly basis.


There are flexible revenue sharing options dependent upon your usage requirements versus your desired returns. It all depends on the returns you seek while Riviera Villas optimizes your earnings.


We offer investment villas with good income and profit levels, paid out on a quarterly basis.


To ensure villa revenues are at their peak, we have a highly effective domestic, regional, and international marketing strategy and partnership with marketing experts and distribution channels.


Riviera Villas is a perfect income generating opportunity for those who want to make their money earn without the hassle.


Upon enrolling in the Property Management Program, property owners can avail of the following services:


Leasing Services – One of the most attractive feature is that the Property Management will be the one to look for tenants/guests so property owners will be relieved from the worries of finding and dealing with guests.


Guest Relations – Collections, special requests and other concerns will be handled by an inhouse guest relations staff. This feature takes away the burden from the property owner in dealing with guests’ concerns.


Guaranteed Maintenance – The Property Management will handle all major and minor repairs for the property. It will be professionally maintained on a daily basis.


Steady flow of rental income – The Property Management pools together the total income of the entire program on a monthly basis and equally apportion to all enrolled properties depending on the property size. Thus, assuring a steady monthly income whether the properties are booked or not.


No Furnishing worries – Each villa is fully furnished and equipped to suit your needs and lifestyle. All you have to bring in are your clothes!

A separate investment package is available upon request. This gives investors an opportunity to earn with their villa with ease without having to worry about maintenance and furnishings.